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MinFound Medical Systems Co., Ltd. is a high-tech medical equipment company jointly invested and managed by MinFound Group and the "Thousand Talents Program". With the concept of "Focusing on health and caring for life", MinFound Medical System Co., Ltd. focuses on high-end medical imaging equipment R & Production, sales and service.

-- 2016

In May 2016, MinFound Medical System Co.,Ltd got the key project of the 13th Five-Year Plan, Research and Development of 256 Rows and 16 cm CT System and Core Technology with High Definition, Speed and Large Capacity.
On June 8th 2016, MinFound Medical System Co.,Ltd signed investment agreement with Advanced Manufacturing Industry Investment Fund.
On July 28th 2016, chairman Pan Huasu was named the seventh Zhejiang merchant of new technology.
On August 10th 2016, ScintCare CT16 was named excellent product of Zhejiang.
On August 19th 2016, ScintCare PET/CT obtained the certificate of innovative product awarded by National Health and Family Planning Commission, Chinese Hospital Association and CAME.
In October 2016, ScintCare CT16 was identified as the first product of key areas of equipment manufacturing in Zhejiang Province.
On October 17th 2016, ScintCare PET/CT obtained the Medical Device Registration Certificate awarded by China Food and Drug Administration.

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